The women choosing to pull up a chair, bring their coffee or tea, and join at this table  bring elements of their own souls that are likley to be the same as foundation of our vision.  These are conscience, courage, ego, intellect, spirit, and a vivacious outlook on life. Our ambition is to create an informal, conversational space for woman who appreciate the art of conversation. The content will be regularly updated and allow for “conversation” through the opportunity for comments. Using the four seasons as a metaphor to inspire content, through images and thoughts, nostalgia and knowledge we hope to create a warm and welcoming space for a respite from  daily stress.  We plan to introduce topics that we hope you and others will agree are lovely, true, wise and worthy of your precious time.  Our goal is to preserve the artful essence of constructive and affable female communication. We begin here ~ at the table, with our friends for all seasons