Happy Birthday December Sisters

As the holiday sneaks up on us, many people have the added treat of having a December birthday.

If you were born during the month of December your birthstone has three ways to shine. The tanzanite, zircon and turquoise, which are all known for there beautiful shades of blue. My favorite in the zircon, as I do share a December birthday being born on the 23rd.

Not sure how your birthday was celebrate, but at my house along with the decorations my Mom would put up streamers and balloons and always made sure I received separate gifts. She also would make sure she told everyone else to do the same. I really do miss her. I also would receive a corsage with the number of candies on it to match my age, thanks to my Auntie who never missed a birthday until I turned 18.

If you have a friend who has a December birthday you may want to bring them holly or narcissus which is the December birth flowers. The holly symbolizes a wish for happiness and the narcissus in paper white conveys that you want the person to stay just the way they are.

Happy Birthday December Sisters-take time to celebrate how special you are.

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