Perfect Stuffing Recipe for your Thanksgiving Table

When I think of the perfect stuffing recipe for a Thanksgiving turkey my Uncle Johnny’s sausage and thyme recipe immediately comes to mind.

We grew up in Brooklyn, so every Thanksgiving my Uncle would travel from Poughkeepsie, New York on a train to our home in Brooklyn. When he arrived he would have a giant brown bag filled with the following:

2 packages of Jimmy Dean regular premium pork sausage

2 bags of Pepperidge farm seasoned cubed stuffing

2  large onions-chopped

2 stalks of celery-chopped

1 bottle of Thyme-of course he always just kept adding until he felt it had the perfect flavor

He would then mix all the ingredients except for the cubed stuffing into a frying pan and simmer until the house had the perfect aroma for a Thanksgiving feast.

Fifty years later I am still making this same recipe. I prepare the ingredients except for the cube stuffing which I mix in with the sausage right before I begin stuffing the turkey. I also have added thru the years  a bundt pan version, as our family loves their stuffing. If you decide to do both I suggest you double the recipe.

If you have a favorite stuffing, would love to hear about it!

Thanks Uncle Johnny, know you will be with us in spirit at the Thanksgiving table.



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