Blooms As A Mood Supplement

Research conducted at Rutgers  has proven that flowers have a positive impact on emotional health.  Was there ever any doubt?  Women have known this forever, and science found a way to prove the theory.  Simply being in the presence of flowers was found to elevate mood.  Flower power is a real and it is potent.  Not only do flowers elicit an immediate positive reaction, the elevated mood remains even after the flowers are no longer present in the same space.

Flowers and Healing

Flowers are a wonderful way to bring color and positive energy into your life. The  fragrance that wafts from the bloom  gives a shot of aromatherapy and can have memory-triggering qualities.  Lavender and rose can aid insomnia, anxiety, and depression.  The color of the blooms themselves can also have an effect on your mood.  Bright, pastel colors, like hydrangeas, tend to be more relaxing; bold flowers, such as Gerber daisies, tend to be more energizing and evoke creativity. Anxious? A fresh bunch of daisies may take the edge off.


Optimism and renewal

Pink roses for love.  Poetic romance, grace and elegance.

Red gladiolas for motivation.  The color red for passion, seduction and desire.

Yellow sunflowers for happiness.  Yellow is a jovial color, associated with energy.

Purple orchids for spirituality.  A purple bouquet in your entryway will welcome guests with a sense of calm.

Orange marigolds for inspiration. Luminosity is the total amount of energy emitted by a star.  Orange is brightness.

White calla lilies for purification.  Communicate honesty, elegance and innocence.

Blue hydrangeas for relaxation.  Blue and purple are colors of peace, tranquility and life.

And Green is a symbol of life.  It represents health, resilience, good fortune and youth.


A “True” Smile

We nourish our bodies with food and supplement with nutrients when needed.  Flowers are an inexpensive, immediate boost to our emotional health.  As a gift they benefit both the giver and the receiver.  A “true” smile is known as a Duchenne smile and can be scientifically measured in the left temporal region of the brain.  Challenge yourself to create a strategic bouquet, offer it as a gift to a friend and watch as the warmth of a  two “true” smiles fills the room and your hearts.


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