Seasons of a woman’s life

A woman’s life reflects the seasons

Of our Earth beyond all reasons

A life divided as four acre plots

In the garden of time she draws her lots


In the Spring of youth she learns to sing

And creates life aided by her angels wings

In Spring she plants a garden fair

And love and life are everywhere


Summers beauty and the future is promised

The golden sun embraces our goddess

A vibrant blue sky and the sun convene

To nourish the garden with memories to glean   


Autumn arrives as a second Spring

She’s learnt what works and that decides everything

Her garden now reaps fruits galore

And she cultivates time for gracious rapport


The chill of winter bespeaks the glory of the seasons past

And a woman’s soul allows repose at last

In confidence she and the garden rest

Knowing they gave all and all was their best



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