An Invitation to join us in reading The Necklace by Cheryl Jarvis

THE NECKLACE by Cheryl Jarvis is a compelling read as per our friend Kathleen.  Even in the best of times, time is of the essence!  You may agree that conversation, simple and unhurried is often what we seek to find contentment. With good intentions we  search out a reason to schedule our priorities but in reality we find ourselves only prioritizing our schedule, once again.  While we certainly do not need permission,  perhaps a reminder or a gentle nudge to seek contentment is in order and maybe a little escapism can be found within the pages of a book – consider this then  an invitation  to schedule your priorities…and should one of them be to make the time to find contentment in a story that asks us to consider just what being in a friendship  really means to each of us – then perhaps like Kathleen you will find yourself in the grips of The Necklace.  As your reading or when you’ve completed, please share your thoughts around the table!

Kathleen said: “I remember the warm feeling of those days when family or friends gathered round the table. We laughed, cried, reminisced, dreamed, connived, celebrated, etc. This was music to our daily lives. The characters in the Necklace are another small group of women gathered together and were changed by an unlikely occurrence.   Thirteen women’s lives were transformed overnight with the mutual purchase of a necklace.  Jonell McLain invited these women to share in its purchase, and with it came a bond of unexpected friendship. The “thing” that ties them together takes on various meanings within each of their lives. The beauty of the necklace transforms lives of not only these thirteen women, but those closely connected with them. They too gather round a table of friendship to share their most extraordinary stories.
What a gift to enhance another person’s life where its value far outweighs the cost involved with a purchase. Through it all, friendships are forged and bonds are strengthened. The Necklace will certainly fill your soul with the joy of those wonderful relationships which surround us. Enjoy!  BOOK REVIEW by Kathleen

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