Breaking Bread

“I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.” -W.C. Fields

We give food a lot of power. From holiday get-togethers to casual gatherings many of our favorite memories involve food. Breaking bread with others boosts our spirits and hopefully always be part of human story.  In certain settings sharing a meal with others provides the ability to forge relationships and celebrate, even the opportunity to bury anger. Food has a way of connection people. The rituals of business lunches and first dates might have started by choosing your own special birthday dinner as a child.  At weddings and funerals there is food.  It is during our happiest occasions and our saddest that we break bread together.

Culture traditions around the globe have many ingredients and food is a major component. The taste or smell of certain foods can be enough to evoke a pang of loving nostalgia for tucked away childhood memories or travel adventure.  Certainly we need food to survive but food is also a symbol of hospitality and for many of us can have cultural and religious significance.  There are feast days and fast days and holiday dishes to cherish.  Comfort food and diet food and what is exotic on one tongue can be bland to another.

While many immigrants to America in the early 19th century left their heritage behind in their homeland.  They wanted to be American.  Fortunately many were also committed to keeping the food traditions alive  saving time worn recipes from becoming endangered.  The next generation and the next are hopefully passing along the recipes and teaching the techniques to their children. The best way to feel closest to our ancestors is to prepare a treasured family recipe.

What are some of your favorite recipes?

How have you helped to keep your heritage alive with food?


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