Music Keeps Us Moving

Music Keeps Us Moving
As an elementary educator and a church musician, the sounds of music fills the church
and my classroom on a regular basis, as well as my home (just ask my daughter). In a world of
technology, we have graduated from cassette tapes and records and cds, to ipads and ipods.
We can listen to music almost anywhere..the car, an airplane. We don’t even need to have the
cd has allowed us easy access to almost any song at any given moment!
In my classroom, our vocabulary words are studied through a song. We sing along to
learn new words of the day. Even math skills can be taught through song, especially when
learning how to add or subtract. And one of the perks to teaching in a Catholic school…I can
start each religion class with a prayer song, carrying on the tradition I learned attending a
catholic high school. Music is so positive in the classroom because it sets a certain tone, and
captivates a child’s attention, which is sometimes a challenge. The song will help them
remember much needed skills, and gives them a positive reference point when needed.
But besides the benefits of kids listening music…good music that instills peace and
positive messages and learning….there are benefits that help them when they study music too,
either by participating in a choir or playing a musical instrument. Students who engage in music
study stimulate their auditory system, which is essential to reading skills, language development
and successful communication. Think of music as their daily vitamin for their auditory skills.
Kids have an advantage when participating in music education. And in a world where
technology overrules good old fashioned communication, and budget cuts aim first at the arts,
we have to keep the love of music alive…it’s what will keep this new generation moving in our
fast paced world!
Thank you Kim for sharing and we look forward to you continuing to give us musical food for thought.

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