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A byte of Apple-

Today when you hear the word apple images of electronic gadgets and devices immediately come to mind.  But before Apple was a global success people would have never connected the name or logo with a technology company.   Growing up in Brooklyn NY and walking eight city blocks to grammar school the apple image in my mind was a red, ripe and delicious fruit, a gift for Sister Mary Daly!  The memory of this uncomplicated apple, delivered with sincerity and gratitude, is as pristine in my mind today as the black and white composition book from the same era that I use to journal my daily thoughts each evening. The Apple memory and the journal each bring a smile to my face. They serve as reminders to be true to my authentic self, always remember from whence I came and they each in their own way reaffirm my sense of purpose.

Since the beginning of time the image of an apple has been enticing to mankind.   A is for apple and A is for Atari, Steve Jobs named his company Apple because his biggest competitor at the time was Atari, and he wanted to be ahead of Atari alphabetically in the phone book. Ironically, neither Atari nor the phone book is used much these days.    Not content with the first logo prototype of a black apple silhouette on a white background the idea was floated by advertising executives  that a bite should be taken of the apple (playing on “taking a bite of the Apple”, where “bite”, is pronounced the same as the computer expression “byte” (as in Megabyte). The bite in the apple also meant the logo no longer looked like or was confused with a tomato. The symbolism was two fold in that the bite could also be considered symbolic of the need to acquire knowledge (as a biblical reference to eating of the apple of the tree of knowledge).  Steve Jobs insisted that the black and white be replaced by the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order,  “the symbol of lust and knowledge, bitten into, all crossed with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order. You couldn’t dream of a more appropriate logo: lust, knowledge, hope, and anarchy”. Apple is one of the few companies that title their stores with just their logo – no text whatsoever.

As the leader in technology, Apple is the biggest most profitable company in the world, and has helped change mankind’s ideas of normal in the less than 40 years it’s been around.  ITunes, smartphones, app stores have all benefited from Apple technology.

Apple products enhance my life both professionally and personally. Their level of technology transports me into another dimension with the touch of a button. I can enter a different realm of reality with the swipe of a screen or the flick of a switch.  Today I share information in real time across all my devices regardless of my physical location.  A normal evening will find me taking notes on my iPad with my Apple pencil while holding a conversation, verbal or via text on my iPhone 7.   I take photographs with my iPhone or iPad and then transfer these images from the gallery to my MacBook Pro allowing me to edit them with the precision of a professional photographer!  While I am accomplishing all of this Apple is suppling me a steady stream of R&B, country, jazz or contemporary classic music for my listening pleasure.

To be a fan is to be a fanatic, an aficionado or a supporter and I certainly qualify when it comes to my admiration of Apple products and their business model.    I have been an Apple consumer for several years and I can honestly attest that Apple has enhanced my life tremendously.   I find that each of the products I own are well priced and amazingly user friendly which gives me the confidence to expand my technological horizons. Researching products and ordering online are stress free and delivery and setup are seamless. I’ve become adept with each product I own being primarily self-taught, with the added assurance that help is just a click or call away and I can always walk into a local brick and mortar retail store for guidance from a real live fellow human.

My newest and most exciting adventure since raising my children is courtesy of Apple as I take on the blogosphere!  Personal websites and blogs collectively are considered the blogosphere and in this new frontier I feel welcomed and challenged.  At the grassroots level of interactive journalism the participatory phenomenon of the blog and its impact on journalism has created the 21st century equivalent of the 18th century coffee house, a place where anyone interested could meet to exchange news and opinions in public.

Seasons of Sisterhood has chosen to participate in the Apple Affiliate Program in order to benefit Angels R Watching Foundation which is a 501C3 organization dedicated to giving children school supplies to help them succeed in school. Apple designed this benefit platform to allow a blogs administrator to place text links and banners on their site that direct interested readers to the Apple online website, where the latest Apple products can be viewed and purchased. The more customers referred from Seasons of Sisterhood who purchase from Apple, the more money Apple will donate to the Angels R Watching Foundation.

A is for Apple and A is for ACHIEVEMENT and wouldn’t Sister Mary Daly have  so much to say about the gift of this other Apple in the world today!

Apple earns an A+ from me and I would dare to say Sister Mary also!


“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.”

Steve Jobs


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