Happy New Year-Auld Lang Syne

Each new year we all put our hopes and dreams into new beginnings at the strike of twelve. In our house we celebrate New York New Years. Being a Brooklyn girl who now lives in the Midwest I tune in each year to watch the ball drop in Times Square. It always amazes me how I immediately go back in my mind to our four room apartment in Brooklyn, where my Mom insisted we had to eat herring and drink pink champagne if we wanted the New Year to bring us all our hopes and dreams. As we listened to Auld Lang Syne, our family would toast in the new year and think of all who no longer stood with us but who live in our hearts.

Auld Lang Syne was started in Scotland by a poet Robert Burns who said he was the first to put the lyrics on paper and send to the Scots Musical Museum in 1788. He didn’t write the song but seem to get the credit for years to come. Auld Lang Syne translates to “for old times sake” and is suppose to honor friends and memories of years gone by.

So as you ring in the New Year think of all the special people in your life and the ones you reminisce about. Count the blessing you have had in 2018, then open up a blank page in your mind and think of all your hopes and dreams for 2019.

From all of us to all of you, may you find the joy and happiness you deserve in 2019.



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