The Dry by Jane Harper

The Dry by Jane Harper
Book Review by Kathleen
Aaron Falk returns to his childhood home in Kiewarra, where Luke Hadler and his family, except for his infant daughter, were brutally murdered. Or, was it a murder suicide? A pall seems to hang over the town. Aaron, now a federal agent, was drawn back into the web of secrecy by a phone call from Luke’s father stating, “We need to talk.” Aaron fully intended to attend the funeral, see Gerry and go home. But a series of events dating back to his youth and involving Luke, Aaron, Ellie Deacon and Gretchen Schomer forces Aaron to extend his stay. He works with Sergeant Row, trying to discover what really happened to Luke and his family, while also discerning events of long ago. Along the way, we meet a few ominous characters that dwell on the past and threaten the security of Aaron. The story takes a few twists and turns when finally, the reader opens the Pandora box to reveal all those secrets that split
families and friends. Jane Harper has crafted a riveting story that you won’t want to put down.
Thank you Kathleen for always helping our imaginations find a place to explore and enjoy.

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