Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner

MISSING, PRESUMED by Susie Steiner- September book of the month

Edith Hind, a college student from a very influential family background, has disappeared. She is the daughter of Miriam and Ian Hind, the surgeon to the Royal Family. Detective Sergeant (DS) Manon Bradshaw, a highly respected officer on the Cambridgeshire police force, finds herself on the case of her career. While attempting to deal with her own tiresome and lackluster personal life, DS Bradshaw pieces together Edith’s final hours before her disappearance. We learn how Edith views society as corrupt and her views may be possible links to her whereabouts, her ever faithful boyfriend, Will Carter, and his airtight alibi, and her reserved best friend Helena Reed, who would do anything for Edith and was the last person with her. The press is persistent in wanting answers and steadfastly follows the case. Missing, Presumed reveals family secrets, erratic behavior and human weaknesses, leading us along a path of twists and turns as the novel progresses. If you want to sit back and read a good detective story which contains provocative and suspenseful crime fiction, tune into Missing, Presumed for your reading pleasure.

Thank you Kathleen for always helping our imaginations find a place to explore and enjoy.

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