Discover the Amalfi Coast

Discover the Amalfi coast with its wines, lemons, colors, tastes and amazing natural beauty. Let’s begin knowing we have a private driver and the comfort of time, a full day to explore, sip, nosh and saunter for photo-taking! We have come to see why this fabled land is known best for its local wines and gourmet foods.


With vivid imagination we discover ourselves leisurely wandering among these southern Italian vineyards and wine cellars, sampling white and red local wines rich in sweet bouquets as the cool breeze comes in off the blue Mediterranean Sea sparkling below.  The Amalfi coast is the pride and joy of the hospitable, friendly people who live and work this land, and who have preserved its traditions and treasures for centuries.

We left either Sorrento or Positano or another nearby village early this morning, and our first visit will be to one of the best cellars on the Amalfi coast, proudly producing wines under the Costa D’Amalfi denomination.  Here we will learn the centuries old growing and harvesting processes which were implemented on these steep hillsides.  In the cellars we are viewing demonstrations of how these lovely wines are made.  A guided tasting gives us some insight on the estate’s production and the red and white wines of Amalfi.  The smell of each is distinct and we learn that to describe a bouquet applies particularly to the aroma of older wines. The body, richly describes the apparent weight of a wine in your mouth, attributed principally to the a wines alcohol content. We find the red to be quite jammy, with a cooked berry sweetness, fruit driven, we agree. The white is crisp, as whites often are, fresh and firm feeling in the mouth.

Hunger draws us to a nearby village and lunch at a delicious osteria featuring mouthwatering, freshly-caught seafood.  Following lunch, an afternoon visit to another wine-producing estate will help us further understand these unique wines and bring your relaxing full-day immersion into southern Italian wine culture to a close.

The sun dappled vineyards of the Amalfi Coast are spread out on bold terraces carved out during the centuries from the steep slopes that race downhill to the sea.  The history is not overshadowed by the tantalizing flavors, we honor that these wine cellars in Amalfi were excavated before Caesar’s time out of solid hillside rock.  White wines with strong personality are made here, whites made from vines teased by the damp, salty sea winds that constantly make the grape leaves ripple.  The reds: warm, intense, and unmistakably Mediterranean.




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