Delicious by Ruth Reichl

Delicious by Ruth Reichl- July book of the month

For those food lovers, Billie Breslin has inherited her mother’s gift of smelling and identifying spices and also is blessed as a gifted writer. She realizes these gifts at an early age, so she travels from her home in California to New York and finds a job at the famous New York food magazine, Delicious, as the executive assistant to Jake. She meets Sal who invites her to work on Saturdays at Fontanari’s, a wonderful Italian delicatessen. Eventually, Delicious shuts down. Billie remains to pay the bills and answer readers’ questions/complaints, but also continues her work at Fontanari. While finishing her job at Delicious, Billie discovers numerous letters written by Lulu Swan during World War II. This discovery opens up a new world for Billie. We also recognize a secret that Billie brought with her from California through her letters to Genie, her sister. Billie Breslin’s life has taken and continues to endure several twists and turns.
You will enjoy this tale of a young girl who through her life experiences emerges as a young lady whose life lays ahead of her and possesses the knowledge that she is loved and loves.

Book Review by Kathleen Gorman

Thanks Kathleen for always bringing the excitement of reading a new book into our lives.


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