Once Upon A Time There Was A Mom…..

Once Upon a Time there was a mom. This mom had a little girl of about two years of age. The little girl loved her mom very very much.  So much so that her little heart was nearly broken in half each time the mom would journey beyond their home without her.  Now the mom, being a very smart mom, would tell the little girl that she would be gone for just a short time and she would show her where the hands on the clock  would be when she would return. She crossed her heart in promise to the little girl that she would always, always  return from her journey.  But, the little girl could not be convinced that the homecoming would be a sure thing.  She pleaded in her sweetest little girl voice, “mommy, please don’t leave, please mommy”.  The mom would place a kiss on the little girls sweet palm of her hand and folding her hand tightly around it she would assure her that although she wasn’t in the little girls sight that the kiss would remain with her always and remind her of the mom’s love for her.

Now the little girl, in addition to being a very pretty little girl, was also a very smart little girl. She began to watch the mom closely and she could sense when a journey was near. The mom, a nurse, would always dress in her blue scrubs prior to a journey, the little girl learned to expect this as a sign.  The mom would prepare a meal to take along with her, then gather her coat and her purse.  The little girl began to watch for all of these warning signs.

The mom would sing a tune as she prepared her meal, “ You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, You make me happy when skies are gray, You’ll never know dear, how much I love you ……… and the little girl would finish – “Please don’t take my sunshine away….”  the tears would well up in her bright blue eyes until they could no longer be contained and then they would slide, ever so  slowly down her chubby red cheeks.

The mom kept to her routine, being the smart mom she was, she knew that by performing the same pattern of preparation that this would comfort the little girl’s separation anxiety. So she would sing her song and place her kiss and then one day, as the mom was preparing for the journey, to her surprise one of her shoes was missing. The mom looked high, and the mom looked low and the shoe was not to be found. The mom found another pair of shoes and set out on her journey.

As the days rolled into weeks, even when the sun did not shine so bright  the mom would still  hum her sunny tune and place a kiss in the child’s palm.  The little girl would seem to cry a little less and little shorter each time until she was no longer crying on journey days.  The routine was a success. The mom, being a very smart mom, discovered another pattern. On each day that her journey was to begin one of the moms shoes would be missing. Always the moms left shoe. The mom looked high and the mom looked low and the mom questioned her very sanity. She was a very busy mom and these things happen in very busy mom homes, she thought.

The little girl shed no tears as the mom prepared for her journey one late spring morning but took notice that the mom was not wearing scrubs so this must be a different type of journey. The mom placed the little girl in the front window of their home and said “Mommy needs to do some spring cleaning in the front yard, I’ll be just a few minutes and then we can go to the park”. The little girl watched as the mom swept the front porch and raked the grass. As the mom began to trim the bushes she let out a scream of exclamation! There, next to the front door, deep in the center of the bushes were a pile of shoes. The mom’s shoes. All of the mom’s missing left shoes! She looked up at the little girl in the window who was boasting the proudest smile ever. The mom could hear her lilting little voice through the open window….“ You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…..”


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