Meet Me At Starbucks

The theme for the 2014 brand campaign “Meet me at Starbucks” was born to emphasize the emotional connection of the coffee shops to its customer. I find that Starbucks provides a relaxing environment to meet up with friends.  It is comforting to know that at thousands of locations around the world you will find a certain consistency in the vibe.  With indirect lighting, relaxing music in the background, great aromas, and friendly “baristas”, there is a face to face connections that happen at Starbucks stores around the globe that has succeeded in creating something people didn’t even know they needed.  The vision is undeniable, you know when you are in a Starbucks, and you are not there for just a coffee, you are there for the experience.


At Starbucks you don’t order a simple medium coffee, you order a tall non-fat latte with caramel drizzle or a Grande chai tea latte, 3 pump, skim milk , lite water, no foam, extra hot. Well those are extremes but there are a lot of Starbusk’s-specific terms that succeed in making me feel very special indeed. Psychologists believe a big part of Starbucks success comes from the desire to reward ourselves.  Before a long day of work, you deserve to treat yourself to a nice Grande Cappucino, or so we have come to believe.  The branding has been successful. When I think of Starbucks, I think handcrafted, artistic, sophisticated, human and enduring.

Starbucks was the first to really bring flavored coffees to the masses and consumers have remained loyal to them for that reason.  As a meeting place they are almost unmatched.  The warmth and personality of a neighborhood dinner cannot be dismissed, but they are few and far between these days and there is always a Starbucks providing a convenient place for friends to meet.  Colleagues can also be found taking business out of the office and in a Starbucks just for a change of pace.

Starbucks corporate culture is one of belonging, inclusion and diversity.  They are also a leader in sustainability.  Giving back to the local community is part of their pledge to inspire and nurture the human spirit.  Keeping all that in mind I find myself eager for my next coffee “date”.  Let’s meet at Starbucks!




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