The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Seasons of Sisterhood-March Book Club Review

With the spring comes new life, the delightful chirpings of the birds returning and the handsome beauty of flowers, with their exquisite colors and wafting scents, teasing our senses. We celebrate a new beginning.

In the story The Language of Flowers, we find a young lady, our main character Victoria Jones, escaping the trials of this life and connecting to her feelings through flowers and her knowledge of them, her sole means of communication with the world. Victoria lived through a very sad childhood in various foster homes, until, at age 18, she’s given her freedom to live her own life. Victoria finds the inter-connectedness of her youth when facing life’s trials. Victoria maintains her hardened exterior yet through the flowers, we see a sensitive young lady with a capacity to love. She converses with others as they seek to purchase flowers that result in identifying their own needs. As the power of nature’s beauty transmits the personal beauty of Victoria, will Victoria come to terms with her own feelings and happiness? Vanessa Diffenbaugh weaves a beautiful and captivating story that finds the reader rooting for Victoria in her ultimate search for love.

A special thank you to Kathleen for always helping us to build a stairway to our imagination while enjoying a great book.

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