Beauty and the Beast-“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere”

It is late March and yet Spring feels very distant. Except for a brief warm day – literally one, followed in typical fashion by a good old fashioned mid-winter storm lasting several days our weather has be cold and dank and dreary.  Fortune smiles on us when opportunity presents valid reasons to stay indoors, we think.  Yeah, yeah it is a sure bet that spring will fallow winter and if not for winters gloom surely summers sun would not feel as warm, and so on in optimistic harmony we sing.  Until we can no longer.  Our memories of past springs are repressed.  The misery of the doldrums has grown wearisome in even the most hopeful souls.  We are left feeling despair.  And then an invitation, in the form of a text pings your phone.  Could you? Maybe.  Should you? Without a doubt.  Will you? Well, we’ll have to see.

Saturday Morning

Heavy raindrops pelt the bedroom window on this Saturday morning. They claw at the glass like talons on the long veiny fingers of a sinister croan.  She is a menacing foe that I don’t have the energy to face  and I’m tempted to sink deeper into the refuge my downy comforter in the early morning gloom. Commitment to fantasy is a pledge to be upheld even when seduced so indomitably. I sigh and warily wipe the sleep from my eyes and rise. Today I dress in the dark so as not to disturb those who slumber.   Fashion is chosen hurriedly and only for comfort sake, sans makeup and hair pulled back I tip toe out the door, like a thief.  I’ve stolen time, as have others who’ve answered their own ping. We drive through the fog in solitary thought, crawling down empty streets with a common purpose. We are a bevy of ladies and we are in search of  a fairytale.

Marcus Theater

Dodging the icy sting of rain pellets we run for shelter through the nearly empty parking lot of the local Marcus Theater. Gathered together in the softly lit lobby the rule of six degrees of separation unveils to our dismay. The lines between old friend and new, acquaintance and newcomer are blurred and inconsequential.   We have brought Starbucks coffee and tea and carry with us the tangible yearning for a tale as old as time.  We are amazed that this early morning adventure is available as we express our gratitude to she who so thoughtfully arranged this date. Our authentic bonds are sealed with genuine warm hugs that convey the sincerity of this feminine alliance.  We feel transported by an inkling of magic as we pass through the theater doors.   The newly remodeled Marcus Cinema boasts assigned seating in plush fully reclining seats and spotlessly clean aisles with generous leg room and a glorious sound system.  As we enter the darkened theater, somewhere in the recesses of my mind I hear a whisper, as if lost in a memory ~  “Do not be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within”…..

Beauty and the Beast

Fairy tales are stories of magic, wonder, and enchantment.  They feature fantastic creatures, faraway places and contain dreamlike elements.  They explore myth and if they are very very good they literally transport you to magical lands and introduce you to characters that are relevant to your real life.  We recline and relax, perhaps for the first time in a long time, the curtain is drawn back, the music begins and Belle exclaims, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere! I want it more than I can tell!”  The sliver of innocence left from our youth, lying dormant is startled. She is awakened, attentive and ravenous, aware that the part of us that is our truest self, still believes in fairy tales. There is a collective sigh as Belle moves like beauty, and whispers to us of wind and forest, she shares her love of stories, such stories that have been known to wake us in the night. Dreams of a life yet to come, or one long past. She reminds us of what we used to be.  She reminds us of what we could be.  And for those less immersed,  Cogsworth’s lament hits the high note, “If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it.”  We sit still as if spellbound, lost in the artistry of cinema and sound until the closing note and then and only then do we wipe the smallest of tear from the corner of our eye.  Love wins, always in a fairy tale.

Love Lessons Learned from Beauty and the Beast

  • Keep your priorities in check if you seek a non-provincial life.
  • Anger and love don’t mix.  If you want the love that you know you deserve, you must be brave enough to constructively voice when you are unhappy and why.
  • Putting in the effort to really knowing someone will eventually give you the greatest joy.
  • Sincerity is the strongest form of love.  Sincere people embrace their vulnerability and aren’t afraid to speak their mind.
  • Love means accepting another’s unique qualities and taken ownership of your own.
  • If someone saves you from say angry, hungry, snarling wolves – thank them – do not let your emotions be assumed – Never let gratitude go unspoken.
  • Use fewer words, show more action.  Love is a verb. Sweet talk only lasts so long until it loses meaning, take action to prove them and expect the same in return.
  • Love requires appreciation as a main ingredient.  When you love someone, never stop learning about their interests, and expect the same – or at least give each other space to enjoy them.

Bitter, sweet and strange the tale as old as time, the tune as old as song,  leaves us all just wondering who is saving who and will the hero change?  Or maybe – just maybe – the hero is you.


Beauty & The Beast

Céline Dion, Peabo Bryson

Tale as old as time

True as it can be

Barely even friends

Then somebody bends


Just a little change

Small to say the least

Both a little scared

Neither one prepared

Beauty and the beast

Ever just the same

Ever a surprise

Ever as before and ever just as sure as the sun will rise

Ever just the same

Ever a surprise

Ever as before

Ever just as sure

As the sun will rise

Tale as old as time

Tune as old as song

Bitter sweet and strange

Finding you…



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