Massage Envy-Total Body Care

Not very long ago being pampered with regular massage therapy was reserved for the wealthy.  Massage Envy believes that regular massages and facials aren’t a luxury.  They’re an integral part of your bodies well-being and they make therapeutic massage services and skin care solutions accessible to more than 1.65 million members in franchised locations across the United States.  Members are interested in feeling healthy and supporting a balanced lifestyle.  Membership is for body maintenance, pure and simple.  Boasting 100 million services performed since 2002 by 25,000 massage therapists and estheticians Massage Envy, collectively , is the single largest employer in the country.


With a purpose to help people feel their best and a vision for total body care it’s easy to surmise why their corporate values are outlined as Optimism, Gratitude, Excellence, Consistency and Empathy.  I am a satisfied member and anxiously anticipate each monthly session.


In the past I would ignore  fatigue and painful tension until it’s was too late.  Something would snap, or pop or stretch in a way it was not meant to stretch.  We come into this world being touched. Touch is an integral part of our being.  We store emotions like pleasure and happiness but we also hang on to stress and fear.   These experiences may manifest as bad posture and aches and pains.  Massage enhances physical mobility, relieves pain and lowers stress hormones.  Not just an indulgence massage boosts the brain’s production of feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, bolsters immunity and improves sleep. Massage is a healing touch that relaxes and releases bring the recipients body and mind to a greater state of calm.


Relax, breathe deeply and allow your body to let go of the stress or anger or fear that have been causing a body-mind disconnect for too long.  The warmth of the table will prepare your muscles for release and the scent of the aromatherapy candle will caress your soul. You will be forever grateful for the poser of positive intention and the healing hands of a massage therapist.

Hydration before and after massage is essential to help flush the toxins and a warm cup of herbal tea cupped in your hands as you bask in the afterglow is sublime.  To reap the most benefit from you session, schedule your next before you leave!


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