Are you the MVP of your Big Game?

  • Big Game Stats

The average ticket price for the Patriots-Falcons game is $5,650.00 while face value of tickets is $800-$1,900. Ticket holders occupied 68,000 seats  at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.   The most extravagant party to attend by far is the NFL Tailgate Party.  For $2,200 per person fans are treated to a concert by Country Music Association Entertainer of the year Luke Bryan. In addition to the show there is opportunity to play games and mingle with NFL athletes.

  • Entertainment

The halftime show  headlined  Lady Gaga.  The Fox network set the base rate for a 30-second commercial at the astronomical figure of $5 million.  Auto makers Audi, Lexus, Buick and Ford ranked in the top ten while a live commercial for Snickers raised the bar going forward.  Mr. Clean became a sex symbol and the Budweiser Clydesdales made a brief cameo.  The puppy bowl was a highlight for all  fans.  The all-star, all-adorable puppy cast mixed it up and also chewed through anything that got in their way!

  • The Science of Sports

A $25.00 square in a football pool was the only vested interest my husband had in Super Bowl LI – (51). The Patriots defeated the Falcons, 34–28 . He did not win the pool.    However this was the first Super Bowl ever to go into an overtime period which resulted in an exhilarating evening for him.   He assured me that he received a great return on that $25.oo investment!  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers.   Most noteworthy it is the molecule behind  all of our most sinful behaviors and secret cravings.  Not to be outdone, the chemical serotonin is another neurotransmitter and is relevant as the body’s natural mood stabilizer.

  • A Brain on Sports

A brain on sports has characteristics of a family.  Like a family,  fans separate themselves into similar groups with common values.  Watching sports increases your heart rate.  Breathing rates increase as does the traffic of nerve impulses to the muscles.  Consequently watching sports can improve your fitness level.  Sharing in an event creates a relationship between the fan and the players.  Fans become so emotionally invested in  their tribe that the primal instinct of flight or fight is ignited.  It seems as if a fan will defend that relationship against a verbal or physical attack.  With adrenalin pumping and dopamine increasing the fan therefore has a place to focus  his energy.  These chemical reactions result in a feeling of well-being and satisfaction for the fan.  Tom Brady was named the MVP in the biggest comeback Super Bowl win in history. Hence the chemicals in his brain must be on fire!


  • What  Sets Your Chemicals On Fire?

An increase in dopamine can be the result of a physical workout or participation in a hobby. While for others time spent with friends and family will set about a positive chemical reaction.  Something as noble as volunteering or as necessary as shopping are also known triggers.   Merely scratch the surface of your self-esteem to enumerate all of the attributes that make you personally valuable.  Comparing an individuals reputation to the phycology of brand marketing it becomes clear that reputation is everything.  Practical thinking results in your ability to make sound decisions and therefore sets you way ahead of the curve.  Consider your many contribution, to your family, your community and your work.   Giving from the heart is the most noteworthy trait of a winner.  In conclusion upon examination of  this  list you will prove that you are the MVP in your life!



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