4 Steps To curiouser and curiouser via Pinterest

“What a strange world we live in”, said Alice in the novel Alice In  Wonderland. Published in 1865 as written by the English mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. The story tells of a girl named Alice falling through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar creatures which captivate her with their  human traits.  It is considered to be one of the best examples of the literary nonsense genre.  Alice was bored sitting with her sister on the riverbank  the afternoon the white rabbit approached her all in a tizzy.  Overcome with curiosity she follows him down the rabbit hole into a world of adventure with characters and imagery like none she or we could have ever even dreamt.

Have you discovered your rabbit hole,  a conceptual path?  Most of us are guilty at some point of acting from habit.  Like Alice, falling down into the hole is associated with losing all control. Even a little loss of control can leave us panicked.   The days are busy, monotonous, tiring and the idea of cultivating our own interests is all too often the last thing on our minds.  When I was raising my children I was once interviewed for jury duty and the judge asked me, “so tell me what do YOU like?”.  I responded….slowly…ummm Little League…What the hell?! had I just said!  I was literally struck with fear that I could not identify one single activity that brought me personal  joy or entertained MY interests. During this season of child rearing the children were both my activities and my interests and where I channeled my curiosity.

Today I have found that a Pinterest account allows me to curate my curiosity and I claim it as my very own rabbit hole.  The appeal for me personally is that Pinterest lacks linearity, it is a beautiful site where the imagery sings!  It allows a creative outlet without any commitment and that puts a Cheshire cat grin on my face!  I can choose topics that are relevant to only me yet are also easy to share with others.  The initial appeal of Pinterest was using it as a browser bookmark with the extra benefit of it being visually focused.  Pinning and organizing recipes, wish lists, projects, ideas and so on became an easy way to re-locate those links when needed.  A user is bound only by their imagination a quick search and there is literally an image with a link to absolutely anything.  If your interest is in personal style using Pinterest to capture images that you see on a blog or on the site itself that are appealing, taking time to ruminate and all of the sudden you’ve identified your style or a new interest.  The benefit of going down a rabbit hole is that you open yourself up to serendipity!  And you would turn down such an opportunity?

Buddha was credited as saying “rule your mind or it will rule you” – I found I became curiouser and curiouser by :

1.Realizing  – Examining all the various phases of my life, seasons if you will!  In my mind’s eye I began sorting through files of my works, memories, projects and favorites in movies, music, quotes, books, theater.

2.   Browsing –  themes in Pinterest for my own interests, projects, academic pursuits, obsessions, beliefs, and activities. Following users with similar interest builds a personal profile.  

3. Creating “Boards” –  There are no rules.  I have a passion for inspirational quotes which became the  titles of my boards – no one else has to understand this but me.

4. Share boards with friends.  Pin a virtual gift that says, I saw this and thought of you!  Send your friend on visual vacation.  Choose a destiny, activities, scrumptious meals complimented by the perfect wine complete with a wardrobe all from your favorite easy chair, underneath your cozy throw while sipping your favorite beverage of choice!

Like all of us at Seasons of Sisterhood  Alice is brave, intelligent and curious.  And just like Alice we have grown by facing challenges throughout the many seasons of our lives in our own wonderland.  Seek now to find inspiration with a leap into the spinning red vortex and like Alice down and down and down you’ll fall into the rabbit hole until your imagination is exploding with inspirational imagery. In the end we will all land safe and if we are not safe then it is not the end.  I have discovered that when I am lost in my rabbit hole channeling tweedledee and tweedledum  I find there is problem solving going on behind the scenes.  Left unchecked the rigid regulators in our brain can cause us to become as mad as hatters.  A little creativity, a bit of nonsense with time for jabberwocky and the light reaches into the far recesses deep into the corners of my mind.  

“There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.” Ronald Reagan

Anyway, ” I’m late I’m late for a very important date,”

I wish you well and all things great, control your thoughts they are your fate!

m 🙂




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