Amazon Gift Card-The Gift of Giving in Today’s World

In the seventeenth century the French poet and dramatist Pierre Corneille  said, “The manner of Giving is worth more than the gift”.  I wonder what thoughts Mr. Corneille would have regarding our 21st century  gift giving practices.

Each season we are faced with opportunities to give a gift.  You may choose to adhere to modern day etiquette rules that govern  gift giving  or have found that you are best to follow your own personal guidelines.  There are gifts given and exchanged for special occasions, thank you gifts as well as incentive gifts, gifts to say “I’m thinking of you” truly from the heart for no special reason at all!  Those are the best!  Bestowing a gift represents an act of generosity and generally comes from a place of affection.  Giving is an unselfish act which improves our own psychological health and it just simply feels good and makes the giver and recipient happy and that is a win/win!

Keeping the best intentions in mind, choosing a gift can be fraught with anxiety.  There is concern for appropriateness, size and  the possibility of being misunderstood. A gift card can be a thoughtful substitution. Once thought to be impersonal it is now perfectly acceptable to give the gift of a gift card.  The message that is sent is please buy whatever makes you happy, whenever you want it.  Since it truly is the thought that counts, many now feel that a gift card is a very sincere gesture of thoughtfulness. I like to pair a gift card with a personal token of affection or a specially chosen greeting card with a hand written note.  The most thoughtful gift cards can be used on line and with retailers that have a broad selection of merchandise. is the perfect shopping venue for gifts and for gift cards.  First, there is the convenience  of on-line shopping. Second, you will find an unmatched selection of merchandise from which to choose, and third delivery and returns are both swift and seamless. In addition to these attributes, participates in several incentive programs whereby they will donate a portion of your purchase to a charity of your choosing. If you decide to participate in the program you can click on the link in the sidebar and Amazon will give a portion of all gift cards purchased to Angels R Watching Foundation which is a 501C3.  If you or  the recipient of your gift card participates in the Amazon Smile program then the charity you’ve chosen will receive double credit.  Another win/win situation which provides another opportunity to share! Please join as we provide necessary school supplies to undersesrved districts. Simply purchase all of your Amazon gift cards by using the link on our web site.

Keeping gift cards on hand in your stationary drawer is convenient way to seize the many opportunities in each season to drop a thoughtful note to simply say “I’m thinking about you”, “I miss you” “You’re special” or  “thank-you”.  Some folks recommend purchasing a gift card for yourself each pay period so that when the holidays roll around you and you’re budget are best prepared.

Thinking back to our poet friend, Pierre Corneille, I believe he would approve that today’s practice of giving a gift card to express our affection and good will is indeed a generous and charitable choice! Because…..”That best portion of a good man’s life; his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.”  William Wordsworth
With Love,

m 🙂

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Add the Amazon Smile Program-to your personal account so that a portion of your total purchase is donated to a 501C3 charity of your choosing – If you like please consider choosing the foundation that Season’s of Sisterhood supports which is :





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