Christopher Radko Christmas Ornaments Add Enchantment to the Holiday Season 

As a child I was capitivated by the spiritual and whimsical art and imagiary of Christmas.  Make no mistake however,  the legend of Santa Clause did not outshine the true reason for the season as taught to me by my mother and reinforced under the watchful eye of the good sisters of St. Brigid’s school in Brooklyn, New York. Spreading joy to others by creating and sharing  the imaginitive embellishments of Christmastime was and still is a form of devotion for me.  

Simple or ornate a Christmas tree onrnament can signify a milestone in your life or speak to a hobby, career or other passion in your world.  I encorage everyone this Holiday season to seek out an ornament that simply brings a smile to your face.  Then with a warm heart gift this treat to someone special. Watch the power of enchament sparkle  in their eyes as they behold a seasonal treasure certain to become an heirloom! 

Earlier this season a tradition was born while taking a day for a simple shopping excursion. Without an agenda in hand my dear friend Mona  and I set out for a birthday celebration which was looking a lot like retail therapy.  With hurried shoppers buzzing around, I found myself still and in in admiration of  the most opulent Christopher Radko ornament display at Von Maur. When what to my wondering eyes should appear…. but a gift bag with the shiniest,  most darling and decadently fragile CR Santa ornament to commemorate this day, our first annual holiday shopping day! I have many but one of my very special wishes to you all the season is that the friendships in your life are as captivating as the spirit of Christmas. Merry Christmas, Peace, Love and Goodwill.

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