Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree

  • Vintage ceramic Christmas trees were all the rage in the ’60’s and ’70’s. Bright and shiny green or all white glazed  usually bosting multi colored lights.  These quickly became considered delightfully tacky and have risen from the ashes to become today’s coveted holiday treasures.  Teri’s resides in a place of honor on her kitchen counter,a symbol that everything old, will morph into vintage to become in vogue again!  The Seasonsofsisterhood logo, is a circle…by design! Did you save your vintage ceramic Christmas tree from back in the day, was it passed to you from family or are you a hipster wanna be  who located yours at a thrift store,  on your own, or was your treasure hunt a joint venture like Teri’s? She shares: we all have seen them. But how many of you still have one that sits on the counter or in a corner. I had one growing up and unfortunately it broke when we moved. I searched at every estate sale for years and finally one hot summer day my son found it. As I think about it that was the plan because it means more to me now. For I bought it years ago for my Mom and now my son has given me a new and old Christmas memory.
  • Tell me what do you think about when you have been handed a Christmas memory

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