Keepsake Ornaments-Evoke Precious Memories

Does your favorite Christmas keepsake ornament evoke a precious memory or a funny story? Is it whimsically crafted or was it gifted? Perhaps you spied it in a little shop and had to have it because it “spoke” to you? I have a friend that finds that concerning, when inanimate objects “speak” and to that I say …..Well sometimes they do and can’t be denied!

For many of us December is a month as dedicated to memories as it is to living in the moment with appreciation and awe. The two must share space in our minds, side by side – although it is a bit crowded and they wrestle for attention like puppies. Some of us may be at a point in our given season where reflecting on our childhood is seemingly uncontrollable and obsessive. Everywhere we turn is a reminder of a time gone by and an opportunity to recall family and friends no longer with us in body but always with us in spirit. A recipe, an ornament a Christmas song each have the power to transport us back in time. A favorite Christmas movie seen with Grandparents, Parents, children and now for the first year with a grandchild in your arms. For some, yesteryears are thought to have been lived at a slower pace and therfore differently must have been differently focused. Were they? Despite today’s many conveniences we are busier than any past generation.

For some, today – right now, time is of the essence, we are crafting tomorrows. Heirlooms are designed and family rituals must be planted and gently tended. They begin as an idea, a hardy seed which sprouts into a tender sapling and with repitition each grows with care into a mighty oak. Our legacy will live on. We build for tomorrow as if our life depends on it – and perhaps it does. We weave yesterday with today and create a quilt of love, or in some instances we take a break, because we need one. It’s been said thst one cannot serve from an empty vessel, take a nap that rejuvenates. Middle ground always creates a balance in life. Like the ornaments on our Christmas tree, no two alike, some very special others placed around back without apology – for today – just pick a favorite, and it’s ok to reassess tomorrow. Tell us a story or make a simple declaration.

Describe your treasure in detail and then post a photo on our facebook fan page we can upload to this page. Peace and Goodwill be yours and all of yours!

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