How to skillfully craft the heirloom of tomorrow

Every season has the ability to skillfully craft an heirloom.

At first glance our one reaction can only be – ” Awwww my gosh how adorable”.   This photo, like our holiday season contains many layers. I hope you find within this story, as I did,  that taking the time to look into an image rather than at it give us an the opportunity to warm our hearts, and those opportunities should never be missed.

The crimson velvet and lace embellished Christmas dress pictured here was not purchased for this little angel…it is not new and it did not come from a pricey department store.  Dawn K. first wore the fabric as a bridesmaids dress years ago.  It may have been as so many of us can recall the dreaded, ill fitting selection of a bride and Dawn K.  likely wore it with grace, style and in friendship.  In time she skillfully refashioned and responsibly recycled the adult size dress into toddler size for her daughter. Behold the loving details in this darling frock.  The velvet is as soft and warm as the skin on the antler of a newborn deer and the white lace still crisp and sewn in place with love.  A gift lovingly bestowed to her daughter as a new mother. The once dreaded bridesmaids dress was given new life and became a rich and romantic heirloom frock…. and is just perfect on her Granddaughter! Wouldn’t you agree?!

Dawn’s heirloom treasure seems to me a metaphor for our logo.  Our living wreath, circle without end, beautiful when new yet just as beautiful as it evolves through the seasons.  A reminder to always look through the layers as the all important details are the complexity of life.  Focus on the detail and listen to hear rather than to be heard – seek out treasures to remember!  And if you can not find them, create them and in that action you will hold tight to the memories.   Thank you Dawn K for sharing a beautiful story and photo of this sweet toddler.


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