Christmas Coloring Day- How to give meaning to the season and support your community

Each year Seasons of Sisterhood sponsors a Christmas Coloring Day to give back to our community.

If you’ve just stopped by and are catching up on some of the archived seasonal activities, this event took place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Each year Seasons of Sisterhood sponsors a Christmas Coloring Day. We invite friends, old and new, to mix and mingle for just a few hours early in the day.  The morning is relaxed and spent comfortably in slippers, chatting and coloring as Christmas music creates a peaceful tone, cups are steaming with cider, tea, coffee or coco and an assortment of the yummiest baked goods are displayed– some from the bakery, others homemade – calm is the theme and stress is banished, together we break whatever bread shows up.  As you can imagine the conversation is delightful! Those meeting for the first time quickly lay claim to new friendships while others catch up, un hurried without an agenda, not a list in sight.  All  agree the seasons have come and gone all to quickly and the stories and memories flow of past holidays, each other’s childhood or beyond to multi  generations.  This year the ages of friends ranged from 23 to a sprightly 80 so you can imagine the wisdom and insight that was shared around the table on this bright November morning.  Teri’s home is draped in all its holiday finery by this date.  This is not a gesture meant to impress in the least, but a gracious welcome she anticipates with the excitement of a child expecting Santa on Christmas Eve.  Creating this candlelit yuletide nest is her passion and for those who have found the time to bask in the warmth of the seasonal splendor they are not concerned with nor feel any urgency to get on with their own business.   Because – right here, right now, in this moment  each feels content and cared for. The tree is twinkling, the delicate scents pine and cinnamon evoke memories which have lain dormant for several months while the music is delightfully familiar.   Our cups are full literally and figuratively,  we have all we could need, the conversations are sweet and laughter is abundant.


Admission to this highly anticipated event is as simple as contributing a package of new pencils, crayons, glue sticks etc.  or offering a monetary gift in support of the Angles R Watching Foundation .

Angels R Watching is very close to our hearts as it was founded as a 501C3 charitable foundation as a way to honor the memory of Teri’s mom who was a school crossing guard in Brooklyn NY.  Now in its 9th year Angels R Watching partners with Express Electric and provides backpacks filled with school supplies for several underserved local school districts.  100% of all donations go directly to the students, volunteers scout out seasonal stationary supply sales approach retail vendors requesting discounts


The holiday season seems to sneak up on us each year with more and more needs placed before us.  Christmas coloring day offers a respite.  This is a morning to reflect on the belief that all things are possible with faith in today’s youth and with hope for an improved tomorrow – Angels R Watching is truly changing the future for many children, one crayon at a time!  Our hope is that perhaps next year dear reader, you will host your own Angels R Watching Coloring Day – get a jump on the season of giving!  Invite old friends to meet new friends to mix it up!  Have everyone wear their slippers, post a photo and earn a coveted Seasons of Sisterhood mug!  You are welcome to use this invitation as a template and remember that monetary donation can be made to year round. Also when using please sign in through their smile program.  A portion of your purchase will then be directly donated to Angels R Watching . – It is just that easy.



If you’re of a mind and you are able, please join us at the table.

Saturday November  XXth 9:00-12:00

Expect hot cider and sweet galore, old friends and new will grace her door.

Inspiration for the season of giving, sharing with others brings life to the living.

Leave all stress out in the street, bring slippers along to warm your cold feet.

We’ll color and contemplate, all cares put aside…. for they will wait.

Admission is a mere token of thought, school supplies and children’s books…. easily bought



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