DIY Kids Christmas Tree

DIY Kids Christmas tree – Designs by Betty


Kermit the Frog said, “Just because you haven’t found your talent yet, doesn’t mean you don’t have one, and also “It’s not easy being green”!  Kermit is a talented frog, without a doubt!  Each of us know  people that just make the world more beautiful with everything they touch.  They may be crafty with a needle and thread like our friend Betty who has created this beautiful  heirloom gift for her grandchildren, while there are others  who are wordsmiths and  by dropping a few lines on a Christmas card bring the gift of joy to each recipient.  I know bakers, painters, calligraphers and still others that create beauty with musical instruments or with their voices and  each are truly gifted.  And then there are others that have been gifted, as we all are –  but have not yet opened their package.  What is your talent or is your gift yet to be opened? Please share.

Special thank you to Teri’s’  beautiful cousin Betty.  She is so very generous with her many talents and always finds the time to help, teach and train others.  Her thoughtfulness is a  gift and her talent is evidenced by the art created.  Betty has a spirit about her that is inspiring to others with similar interests.  Baking, Sewing and decorating are her forte and even with all of that to keep you busy I bet that there is yet another gift waiting to be opened!  We can’t wait!



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