How to bring abundance to your autumn table

Abundance is a mind set.  Let’s talk about the ” perfect” Autumn Tablescape for your holiday gathering.  And lets get this right out there – there are no limitations to what our thoughts create and call  our heart desires.   To attract abundance in matters of love, friendship and hope we must start with gratitude.  A theory is held that when you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears.  Each season Teri  finds  a way to add the image of abundance to her holiday table, with  colorful flowers or a creative handmade centerpiece.  She crafts a story to  welcome  those friends and family breaking bread at her table and her hope is that the message of “I am so grateful to have here” is heard loud and clear .  This season found a display that was intend to welcome as well as nourish.

An image of opulence that was a snap to pull off. Fill your biggest platter with cheeses, olives, crackers and lets not forget the cornacopia made out of bread – no time for this Pinterest marvel?  Use a cornucopia shaped basket from Jo-Ann’s – likely found on sale at 70% the week of Thanksgiving…

Send us pictures of your favorite appetizers or tablescapes. We would love to share everyones favorite recipes or creative ideas.

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