Treasure this day, for it is golden

This past weekend presented the perfect weather for a walk with our dogs. The cool breeze but still warming sun allowed us to share precious time with friends that are family. Note, if you are so blessed as we are, you have friends that have become your chosen family. Slightly reversed in our case, we also have family that have become our chosen friends! We walked the winding paths that were littered with a confetti of crunchy colorful fallen leaves, past ponds with a few remaining and reluctant mallards. The migrating geese kept pace in their patterns of flight, they honked as if to proclaim ” treasure this day, for it is golden”! Wind, rain, ice and snow will conspire to prevent an escape such as this very soon. The dogs meandered leaving no option for us but to savor the time to kick and crunch along path, conducting a symphony of natural harmony to honor November.


This was the perfect mood music when we came upon the lonley site of the swings swaying empty at the “children’s” park. This vision of underappreciated entertainment unleashed a desire so strong to be untethered, if for a brief few minutes, to leave the worries of our world on the ground at our feet. As we mounted the soft rubber seats, pushed off and pumped our legs, faster and faster, higher and higher in a race to return to youth and decades that were over. We could touch the sky and discover the secrets within the billowing clounds if we could just swing a little longer and a little higher! If you pass a park or accompany a child don’t hold back, swing! They opportunity exist, squander time as if you own it, claim your own moments of peace of mind!

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