Why call it a Sisterhood

A discussion like hundreds maybe thousands prior, gave birth to a concept, which crawled and then toddled on wobbly legs until it became a plan. And like a napping toddler upon waking is slightly unsure of her surrondings but darn happy to get up and get going!   

What bonds a friendship? What  distinguishes a friend  from an acquaintance?   I bodly suggest that it is conversation, not small talk and never gossip that forms a sisterhood. Simple reminicing,  creating new ideas and sharing knowledge with other friends creates joy. Around the world, whether in a coffee shop, at the kitchen table, on the front porch  or on your tablet you are invited to be engaged in that moment, put all agenda aside and welcome friends to compliment your life.  Not to compete but to provide encouragement to one another. Please share your story with us. What felings does the concept of a sisterhood evoke?

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