Downton Abbey Autumn Tea Party

Join Seasons of Sisterhood in celebration of the Autumnal equinox by hosting a Downton Abbey inspired Tea party. The vintage teapot pictured here is 175 years old. My Great Grandma, Nana Rosa bestowed it as a wedding gift to my Grandma Conchetta. In turn, Grandma Conchetta passed the heirloom onto me for my 16th birthday with the directive to keep it safe in my hope chest. The seeds of yearning to know the gracefullness of a world of tea parties were thusly planted! The spirit of three young women have been inspired by this delicate china piece.  To pour tea from this vessel evokes dreams of a  world where tea parties are as fashionable as the woman wearing their Edwardian finary around the table. Cheers!

Step back in time-which sister are you in the Crawley family.

Do you have a passion for women’s rights and love Lady Sybil’s Turkish trousers? Maybe it’s Lady Mary and her desire to find a man who will challenge her. Of course, there is always Edith, the sister who never seemed to have a day without turmoil and heartache. But didn’t she show us at the end.  Not only did she run a newspaper and be a single parent but she found happiness and a way to make Lady Mary stop in her tracks. I felt the writers had a way of making you identify with all of them, but I do have to admit at the end Lady Sybil always was my favorite. Her passion for life and being true to herself was inspirational. Did I mention, having Dowager Countess, as your Grandma would have to be the ultimate in afternoon conversation and tea?

Take time during the autumn season to sit down with your Grandma or that special chosen person in your life to have a Downton Abbey Autumn Tea Party. Please share with us a memory of the autumn season that warms your heart.

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